What was Testathon in its first edition in Brazil

This is my first post in English.  I really need to share my first experience at Testathon here in Brazil.

So, you may ask me, what is a Testathon?

Testathon is a hackthon for testers. A day in which testers meet aiming to exchange information about software testing. In this event we improve our networking and do what we like the most, tests. Besides that, the Testhaton awards some prizes arranged by categories: individual and team.

A hackthon is a programming marathon where programmers meet aiming to code, exchange information, uncover code. It is a challenge that can last a day or even weeks.

In March 11th and 12th in São Paulo happened the 13º and 14º chapters, this was the first Testathon in South America, and it happened here in Brazil. There were 100 testers together during the weekend, where there were 50 testers on Saturday and the other 50 testers on Sunday. There was a registration and selection process, where in the end, only the 50 best testers would be selected for each chapter.

Througout the event it was noticeable that the organization of the Testathon encouraged the networking among all the testers. We also had the oportunity to learn, and the objective was to make it smooth and fun. It looks fantastic, doesn’t it?

And it really was. I was there and it was wonderful, a unique and extraordinary experience. I had never been part of a hackthon format and I will, for sure, be in the next one once again. Here is my experience, at “Chapter 14”, on 03/12. The willingness of those attending the event, the energy of all the members and mainly of Ronald Cummings-John, who led the Testathon, were sensational. A whole day that passed very fast, and I didn´t want it to end. We also had the opportunity to meet some people from the Facebook team, they are fantastic. Talking briefly about the challenges, the main scope was to test applications like Facebook, Messenger and Instagram[1].

At the end of each round we had the “much awaited prizes”. Some of the award categories, among others, were:

  • Best team
  • Best QA
  • Best QA runner UP
  • Best Quality Bug Report
  • Best Insight

I have to mention that I also won in one of the categories, I was very happy and proud to received the “BEST QA RUNNER UP” prize, hashtag #inloveforever for all that. To know that you are among the top 50 ranked testers, and being able to win in one of the categories, it was very rewarding. One of the things I will never forget in my life was the announcement of my name in the awards ceremony, it was wonderful, I could not believe it. I can absolutely say: “it was one of the best days of my life”.

At MATERA Systems, we had another tester who participated and also won in one of categories, Jacqueline Sampaio Costa, she also wants to leave her opinion about participating in the event:

“About my Testathon participation, I can describe it in “moments”, being: the event, awards and “impact”.

The first one is the event itself, which Ariane previously told us about in plenty of details. I loved to be awarded as the winner of “Best Insight” in such an incredible event and seeing that all the hard work payed off. But, I have to admit that, I’d be lying if I told you that the award was the best moment of the day. Don’t get me wrong, I was incredibly honoured with the award, however, the thing that really stuck with me is that it was an indication that an extraordinary day was ending and that it was proof that when you really enjoy what you do, you reach good results.

As for the Impact, it encompasses a few things, from meeting with Ronald Cummings-Jhon, one of the hosts and event planner, whose passion about the ongoings was very clear, to the moment where I left the convention hall and everything started to sink in. This is when I realized and felt assured that, no matter how small, our actions and doings will amount to something. That we can not let fear dominate us, and interfere with our goals. And finally, the result will be proportional to the effort made.

To sum it up, it was incredible and completely worth it to partake in the Testathon. I anxiously wait for more events/experiences like this, and recommend it to all of those interested in this field.”

Some pictures of the event:

Chegada no evento, aquele lanchinho antes de começar as atividades
We arrived at the event, snacks were available before starting activities


Galera ansiosa para começar os trabalhos
Everybody anxious to starting to work
Foto com equipe do Facebook em background, foram muito atenciosos com todos, nota 10!
Picture with the Facebook staff in the background, they were very considerate with us!


Haviam alguns painéis para galera fazer umas fotos, algumas almofadas de emotions de reações do Facebook também
There were some panels for people to take a picture and some reactions pillows from Facebook as I’ll show in the picture below


Esse era o espaço de lazer do evento, essa foto foi do final, almofada representando a tristeza pelo fim do evento
This was leisure place, this picture was of the end the event, the pillow representing the sadness because the day was finished
Jacqueline recebendo o super prêmio de "Best Insight"
Jacqueline receiving the prize for “Best Insight”, she almost cried that I saw it!
Não teve como não pedir para tirar foto com ele, foi sensacional na condução do Testathon, notal mil
I had to take a picture with him, Ronald Cummings-John was wonderful in conducting the Testathon, and of course, I cried as well, a lot of emotion
Jacqueline também não aguentou ficar sem uma foto com Ronald
Jacqueline also had to take a picture with Ronald Cummings-John
As materetes "winners", Best Insight" e Best QA runner up
The “Materetes winners”, Best Insight” and Best QA runner up

Whenever I can appear in these events and encourage people to also participate, the exchange of experience among professionals is the top moment.

When you participate in events and meet professionals from your professional area, there will always be something new to learn, come out with ideas and arouse interest in studying more about some subjects, motivating us to delve deeper into it. It is enriching.

Hope to see you, who is reading this post now, in next event too.

So, Testathon, I went , I loved and I would like to thank everyone who somehow helped me to be there.

I would like to specially thank those who helped me translate this post: Lucas Castro, Christian Loyla, Caio Rizolli and Ronaldo Chicareli. Thank you very much for your collaboration in this English post.


[1] http://testathon.co/sao-paulo-2/

[2] https://www.significados.com.br/hackathon/

[3] https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hackathon

[4] http://www.qaninja.com.br/

[5] http://www.matera.com/br/2017/03/14/o-que-foi-o-testathon-em-sua-primeira-edicao-no-brasil/


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