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Hamsa and Matera Join Forces to Revolutionize the Banking Market With an Integrated Solution to Enable DREX Transactions

19 of January of 2024

Partnership pairs implementation of Brazil’s state-owned digital currency, DREX, with Core banking...

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Partnership pairs implementation of Brazil’s state-owned digital currency, DREX, with Core banking solutions

Hamsa, a global leader in rich data tokenization ($3.2 billion in tokenized real-world assets), and Matera, a technology company focused on financial products and solutions, announced a strategic partnership to deliver a modern platform solution to enable DREX transactions. This groundbreaking technology will integrate with Core banking solutions to power instant transactions in compliance with local regulations.

With Pix already established as the standard for financial transactions in Brazil, the partnership between Hamsa and Matera furthers this digital finance revolution by enabling DREX transactions. And, this new modern tech will be the first ready-to-use product fully integrated with the banking core.

Importantly, the launch of this partnership unites the Hamsa DREX Connect platform, enhanced through Hamsa’s official participation in the CBDC pilot program, with the Pix expertise of Matera. The partnership provides all Brazilian financial institutions with an easy way to test and prepare for the launch of DREX, Brazil’s first wholesale central bank digital currency (CBDC). A complement to Pix, DREX automates the settlement of tokenized assets and liabilities, unlocking the power of digital assets and putting Brazil at the forefront of the coming digital economy.

"By combining our experience with Matera’s expertise, we will set a new standard of excellence in the banking sector. This partnership will undoubtedly generate significant results for the financial sector in Brazil," said Henrique Teixeira, General Director LATAM of Hamsa.

Financial institutions rely on these two pioneers for cutting-edge solutions. Hamsa is widely known for their wholesale CBDC capabilities, unique ability to tokenize real-word assets, and their innovative approach to using smart contracts to automate legacy back office reconciliation and settlements. Matera’s proven Core banking solutions, including their third generation cloud-native Digital Twin high performance ledger combined with their one-of-a-kind Pix solution, have powered neobanks to quickly scale and non-banks to embed financial services to transform their business models.

Matera CEO and Co-Founder, Carlos Netto, is thrilled to be working with Hamsa on this initiative. “Brazil is setting the global standard for the digital finance revolution, first with Pix and soon with Drex. As the use of cash falls worldwide, the demand for cryptocurrencies continues to rise. We’re excited to be developing a cutting-edge solution for the market to transact with DREX and to integrate this capability directly to Core banking platforms,” said Netto.

The collaboration between Hamsa and Matera will continue to transform the Brazilian financial services market. With the success of Pix and the introduction of DREX, this partnership aligns with the forward-thinking expectations of the market.


About Hamsa

Hamsa sets the global standard for real world asset rich data tokenization, with over $3.2 billion tokenized worldwide. Working with major S1 and S2 Brazilian banks, the Brazilian central bank and serving some of the world's largest financial institutions, Hamsa provides market-leading infrastructure, digitizing and automating banking operations, transforming the way money, data and assets flow around the world. With an unparalleled global presence and unique rich data tokenization technology. Importantly, Hamsa Brazil is part of Hamsa’s Global Digital Asset Network, which spans the United States and Asia and provides the world’s largest financial institutions with highly interoperable, private, secure, and scalable digital ledger technology (DLT) solutions. Hamsa is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and also has offices in São Paulo and Hong Kong. Hamsa is backed by top-tier investors from Silicon Valley and Latin America. Find out more at:

About Matera

Matera is a technology company focused on financial solutions and products. In addition to traditional banks, digital banks and fintechs, it has clients in various segments, such as Distribution, Retail, Consumer, Education, Telecom, Transportation, among others. Matera is also known for supporting the entire financial ecosystem, collaborating with the emergence of new fintechs that expand its clients' revenue stream. With operations in both Brazil and the USA, the company has more than 1,000 employees worldwide.