About us

MATERA Systems is a global IT service provider, offering offshore software development & maintenance services (Java Technology) and remote database administration (Oracle).

With over 27 years of experience in the Brazilian Market and 13 years in the US, MATERA Systems can develop applications using Java technologies, including JSE, JEE, JSF (Java Server Faces), Ajax, BPEL, Web Services and SOA, for application servers like IBM’s WebSphere, Oracle’s iAS and Jboss.

MATERA started providing Oracle DBA services for Oracle version 5. Our expertises include Remote Database Management (staff augmentation) and application tuning and performance management.

MATERA Systems reputation and competence in software development is a result of the highly qualified professionals and our interaction in demanding markets, such as the US. Due to our outstanding ability to understand our customers needs and our technical ability, we are able to offer fast, high quality and flexible software development services.

Why MATERA Systems?

- Over 300 highly qualified professionals;

- Chosen by renowned global clients;

- MATERA is strategically located in Campinas, Brazil’s Silicon Valley, one hour away from São Paulo, home to companies like – Dell, Tata/TCS, Lucent, Motorola, Nortel Networks, Samsung and IBM;

- Low staff turnover – This is an advantage allows high maturity level and engagement of our professionals;

- Cultural affinity. Our clients benefit from our cultural proximity enabling, greater communication and understanding of our client’s needs;

- Compatible time zones. Brazil is only two time zone away from New York;

- Location. There are daily flights from São Paulo to major US cities;

- Excellent infrastructure. Large, modern telecommunications, internet and energy facilities.


Databases: Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Greenplum Database;
Platforms: Oracle Exatada, Oracle SPARC SuperCluster and IBM System z.
BI: Oracle Discoverer and Business Objects;
Software Technologies: Java/J2EE, XML, JSP, (D)HTML, Web Services, UML and Design Patterns;
Web / Application Servers: Apache, NGinx, IBM WebSphere, Oracle Weblogic, JBoss and TomCat;
Operational Systems: Linux, Unix (IBM-AIX, Solaris e outros) and Microsoft Windows;
Frameworks: Spring and EJB3;
Presentation Layer: Rich Face, IceFaces, Prime Faces and JQuery;
Persistence: JPA and Hibernate;
Access Control: ACEGI;
Configuration Control: Maven, Maven2 and Ant;
Version Control: Subversion and CVS;
Tests: DBUnit, JUnit, JMeter, TestNG, Selenium, EasyMock and JMock;
Continuous Integration: Jetbrains TeamCity;
Code review: Atlassian Crucible;
IDEs: Eclipse;
Project Management: MATERA Project and Microsoft Project;
Case Tool: Enterprise Architect and Oracle Designer (for Database Schema Maintenance);
e-commerce platform: Konakart.



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