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Coming in first place with MATERA Digital Bank

If you know what your clients want, then you've taken the decision to launch your Digital Bank and you don't want to lag behind your competitors. MATERA Digital Bank is the most complete and flexible solution for financial transactions. It is already used by more than 100 Financial Institutions and 15 Fintechs, and enables you to develop your unique experience for your clients based on a ready-made solution, reducing time to market and investing your efforts in your business model. Moreover, you can chose whether you use the solution on the Traditional model (On-Premises) or the SaaS model (Cloud).



Complete and flexible solution:
from Omni Channel to Bank Regulation



A different experience for each audience,
based on a complete and flexible platform.



What differentiates your Digital Bank?

You do! Your innovation, your business model, your brand, the user experience you create. The fans of your brand are going to love their user experience, before they get to know your competitor.

MATERA helps you to implant these ideas. Our platform executes all essential functions for your Digital Bank, complying with all the bank regulations, providing the performance your users expects.

Flexibility is total. A turnkey solution means your ideas become reality more quickly, without limiting your creativity in developing your business. The size of your business doesn't matter, whether you're a Fintech or a large Bank. Your ideas will be launched on the market sooner than you can imagine.


Who creates your application?



Your IT, Business or Marketing team develops the project and we offer all the APIs needed to build your user experience.



We join forces with your partner agency or company so we can develop the project together, assisting with all the necessary technical effort.



We have an area dedicated to made-to-measure projects, responsible for developing your application's UX (User Experience)



Offline Mobile Payment
has come to revolutionize the market

With our market-exclusive solution your clients can perform transfer and payment transactions totally offline, without Wi-Fi or 3G.  All they need is your app on their cell phones. You need to check out this revolution which is key to mobile payment becoming all the rage among all audiences!







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