Centura SQL Windows to Java Migration Services

MATERA Systems can convert Centura based applications to Java. From the application source code, we deliver a clean Java code, allowing the application to be delivered on the web, protecting the investment in the application.

Our process is based on an internal migration tool, which allows an application to be migrated 100% automatically. We don’t take a snapshot of an application to perform a semi-automated migration; we generate an environment which can convert the application 100% automatically, allowing the application to be changed at the same time we create the environment.

Even after the conclusion of the process, only the Centura version of the application can be maintained, because every new release of the application can be migrated to Java 100% automatically. It allows the application provider to wait for the users to upgrade to the Java version and to prepare the staff with the right skills to maintain the Java version, working only with the Centura version during this period. This solution has been used to convert applications with hundreds of screens and thousands of reports, now running successfully for many clients.

Key benefits

Deliver applications on the web
Integrate applications to a portal
Java skills are more available than Centura skills
The application can take advantage of the many components available for the Java platform
The application provider can use modern tools like Eclipse and our visual editor plug in to maintain the application
The application can be accessed from Linux desktops with no additional software like terminal emulators
The Java version of the application maintains the end user interface, avoiding huge investment on training and supporting a totally new interface.
Standardized Java code, minimizing the risk of introducing bugs during the conversion process
Application responsiveness equivalent to Centura GUI
Compatible with all major J2EE application servers
Can also be run as a Java Web Start application (“desktop app”)

How it works

First, we analyze the entire source code of the application with our migration tool. Based on this analyses, we can determine:

new Java components (runtime) to be developed
malformed parts of the Centura source code which have to be fixed by the customer
the estimated effort to prepare the 100% automatically migration environment
Secondly, the customer fixes the malformed parts of the source code while MATERA Systems codes all the new components, migrates the libraries and creates all the configuration of the migration tool, to allow the application to be migrated 100% automatically, as many times as the customer needs.

The reports are not migrated automatically but the manual process is very fast, using a Jasper/iReport based solution. It’s necessary to track changes to the reports because changed reports have to be migrated manually every time they change.

As soon as the application provider is ready to maintain only the Java version of the application, the programmers will use the Eclipse Platform with our visual editor plug in, which is very powerful and productive; the migration tool won’t be necessary anymore.


Differently from other vendors, MATERA Systems doesn’t charge for the license of our migration tool. We charge only for the services. The combination of our rates and the productiveness of our migration tool provides a unique offer for our customers for migrating Centura based applications to Java.

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